Wedge Anchor Expansion Bolts

Short Description:

- ZINC PLATED – Helps prevent rust in dry environments

- WIDE RANGE OF SIZES – Could customizable according to customers’ requests

- PACKAGED WITH NUTS AND WASHERS – Fast, quick, complete installation

- HOLE SIZE IS ANCHOR SIZE – Simplicity and ease of installation


Material: Carbon Steel Zinc Plated or Stainless Steel


The anchor is made from Carbon Steel, and is Zinc Plated. This anchor is designed for use in Concrete only, and should never be used in block or brick base material.


The anchor is designed for use in a Dry environment.


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Product Detail

As one of the anchor bolts often used in curtain wall construction, Wedge anchor bolts are often well-known products, mainly used for fastening through-type objects (such as equipment, channel steel, guide rails, brackets, etc.).

Wedge anchor bolts, also known as car repair geckos, have a wide range of uses, ranging from mechanical equipment to building bridges. Due to the particularity of its structure, the installation of Wedge anchor bolts is different from other anchor bolts, so it is not surprising that there is a big difference in tensile and shear resistance. Wedge anchor bolts are fixed by the principle of huge friction between the entire anchor bolt and the hole wall product through the expansion of the tube. Compared with chemical anchor bolts, the tensile force of Wedge anchor bolts is slightly inferior.

 For the pull-out test of Wedge anchor bolts, an initial displacement is generally generated. At this time, the anchor bolt has been slightly loosened. Generally, the initial displacement of the Wedge anchor bolt of M12 is 11-13KN, which also shows the pulling force of the Wedge anchor bolt. The pull-out force is low, about 1/3 of that of the chemical anchor. In comparison, its shear resistance is similar.


Classification of Wedge anchors

(1) According to the screw diameter classification: mainly M8×60, M8×90, M10×100, M12×120, M16×140, M24×170. In addition, because there is no relevant national standard specification, the length of the back bolt of the same screw diameter is not the same. For example, when the anchoring depth of the M10 Wedge anchor is 70mm, the rod length can be 110mm, 120mm and other specifications, and the same is true for other models.

(2) Classification according to coating: cold-dip galvanized Wedge anchor bolt, hot-dip galvanized Wedge anchor bolt, the current coating design is mainly for carbon steel material. The thickness of the galvanized layer of the hot-dip galvanized Wedge anchor bolt is about 50um, which is 3-5 times the thickness of the cold-dip galvanized layer. Due to different processes, cold galvanizing is difficult to thicken the coating. Of course, the service life of hot-dip galvanized products is significantly longer than that of cold-dip galvanized products.

(3) Classified by material: carbon steel anchor bolts, stainless steel anchor bolts. Carbon steel anchor bolts can also be divided into 4.8 anchor bolts, 5.8 anchor anchors, 6.6 anchor anchors, and 8.8 anchor anchors according to their mechanical strength. Stainless steel can be divided into 304 and 316 materials, but its cost is expensive. Generally, carbon steel anchor bolts are mostly used in the market, and cold-galvanized are mostly.

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