Concrete screw

  • Concrete Screw Anchor Bolt

    Concrete Screw Anchor Bolt

    UK Prudential concrete anchor is a high-strength screw anchor for concrete and masonry.

    It is designed for optimum performance in both cracked and uncracked concrete.

    The high-strength, easy-to-install concrete anchor has been tested and shown to provide outstanding performance in cracked and uncracked concrete under both static and seismic loading conditions.

    The self-undercutting, non-expansion characteristics of the UK Prudential concrete anchor make it ideal for structural applications, even at reduced edge distances and spacings.

    Recommended for permanent dry, interior non-corrosive environments or temporary outdoor applications.


    - Qualified for static and seismic loading conditions
    - Thread design undercuts to efficiently transfer the load to the base material
    - No special drill bit required; designed to install using standard-sized ANSI tolerance drill bits
    - Hex-washer head requires no separate washer and provides a clean installed appearance
    - Carbon steel utilizes a specialized heat-treating process that creates tip hardness for better cutting without compromising the ductility
    - Mechanical galvanizing intended for some pressure-treated wood sill plate applications; not for use in other corrosive or outdoor environments
    - Size: 1/2 in. x 6 in etc., customizable according to customers’ requests

    *Caution: Use a UK Prudential concrete screw anchor one time only – installing the anchor multiple times may result in excessive thread wear and reduce load capacity

  • Self-drilling Concrete Screw Anchor

    Self-drilling Concrete Screw Anchor

    The UK Prudential concrete screw has excellent tensile and shear properties. It’s mainly used for railings, brackets, light equipment etc. Material 10.9 grade high strength carbon steel, stainless steel etc. Electro-galvanized, hot dip galvanized as optional.